Requesting RISE Data

The process to request the use of RISE data is straightforward. Before beginning your request, please read the RISE Data Request Proposal User Guide. This guide thoroughly explains each step in this process. If you have further questions, visit the FAQs page or contact RISE staff at

RISE Registry data access process

Preparing Your Request

  • Review the RISE Data Request Proposal User Guide.
  • Download and complete the ACR's Disclosure Form. You will be asked to upload this as part of the online request form.
  • Before submitting any forms, review the scope of your data request. RISE offers two pathways to choose from: for publication and other. For definitions, see the RISE Data Request Proposal User Guide.

Data Request Process

Step 1: Complete the RISE Request Form

See a sample sample RISE Data Request Form.

Step 2: Administrative Review

Once your application is submitted, ACR staff will review the request and provide feedback based on an initial assessment.

Step 3: Research and Publications Subcommittee Review

After administrative review, the proposal will be scheduled for review by the RISE Research and Publications Subcommittee.

Step 4: Notice of Review Results

There are three possible results:

  • Approved As Is
  • Revise and Resubmit
  • Rejected

Step 5: Data Analytic Center Assignment

Approved projects are assigned to a RISE data analytic center (DAC) that is highly experienced in the analysis of data from electronic health record systems, particularly as it pertains to rheumatology.

Step 6: Conduct Analysis

Once project activities, milestones and deliverables are agreed to in a statement of work (SOW), the requestor and the team at the assigned DAC will work collaboratively to complete the analysis.

Step 7: Center Delivers Results

As the deliverables defined in the SOW are completed, the results will be shared with the requestor.

Submit RISE Data Request

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