RISE (Qualified Clinical Data Registry)

Rheumatology Informatics System for Effectiveness (RISE) is a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) developed by the ACR to help clinicians and researchers:

    Optimize Patient Outcomes
    Navigate QPP MIPS Reporting Requirements
    Make Discoveries that Advance Rheumatology
    Demonstrate the Value of Rheumatology to Key Influencers

RISE is the first and largest electronic health record (EHR)-enabled rheumatology registry in the United States. A HIPAA-compliant QCDR, RISE attracts widespread participation among rheumatology clinicians and providers. With more than 1,000 rheumatology clinicians and 2.4 million patients, RISE plays an instrumental role in advancing the specialty through improving care and expanding research.

Improve Care with RISE

RISE helps rheumatology clinicians and health care providers evaluate the quality of care delivered to patients and identify opportunities for improvement. With clear national and RISE benchmarks for easy comparison, clinicians use the RISE dashboard to track performance down to the individual patient level. Using RISE’s QCDR measures, clinicians can evaluate the quality of their patient care through rheumatology-specific measures.

Learn how RISE for practices can help you:

  • • Optimize patient outcomes
  • • Navigate QPP MIPS reporting requirements

Make Discoveries with RISE

RISE offers unique research opportunities with a robust source of information on people with rheumatic diseases. RISE is a rheumatology-specific registry and includes patients with all medical conditions seen by a rheumatologist and all insurance types. Additionally, RISE patient data includes details on patient demographics and clinical characteristics.

Learn how RISE for research can help you:

  • • Make research discoveries
  • • Advance the field of rheumatology

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