Call for Topics

ACR Call for Topic Suggestions for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines

The ACR maintains current guidelines in several different topic areas related to the care of patients with rheumatic diseases. The ACR will partner with other organizations, as appropriate, in areas of common interest.

The ACR seeks input from its members and the rheumatology community via this Call for Topic Suggestions. Interested parties are invited to submit a completed Topic Suggestion form at any time. ACR will consider submitted suggestions between July 1 - September 15 of each year, beginning at the fall ACR Guideline Subcommittee meeting, for possible funding and project start as early as the following July. If desired, those who submit topic suggestions may inquire about the status of their suggestions by emailing after March 1 of the year following their submission.

Topic Suggestion Information

  1. Please provide a short title and the specific objective(s) for the proposed guideline and an overview for a total of not more than two pages, with key supporting references.
  2. Is the burden/importance of the condition/health care intervention large enough to warrant guideline development? Please provide some estimate of the burden (e.g., incidence, prevalence, costs).
  3. Is there uncertainty or controversy about the relative effectiveness of the available clinical strategies for the condition(s) for which a guideline is proposed? Please provide some examples/assessment of this uncertainty.
  4. Is there perceived or documented variation in practice in the management of a given condition or use of a particular health care intervention? Please provide some assessment/references related to significant differences in practice patterns.
  5. Is there sufficient scientific evidence of good quality to allow development of a guideline? Please provide some references, in particular, randomized controlled studies, to support the development of systematic reviews and analysis of the topic.
  6. Are there existing guidelines on the proposed topic? If a guideline were to be developed, assuming appropriate dissemination, do you believe that it would make a significant impact on clinical decision-making/clinical outcomes and/or reduce practice variation?

Thank you for your input into the ACR’s guideline development work. Your suggestion is appreciated and will be considered by ACR during the next topic review cycle.

Questions 1 – 6 above reprinted / adapted with permission. ©2011. American Society of Clinical Oncology. All rights reserved.

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