Rheumatology Workforce Study

Understanding the character and composition of the overall rheumatology workforce is essential to meet the challenges facing our profession and provide adequate care for patients with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. Assumptions about the future supply of and demand for rheumatologists have broad implications for training, recruitment, practice management and funding in the field, as well as our ability to provide care for increasing numbers of patients.

To address the need for current and accurate information in this area, the ACR, under the guidance of the Committee on Rheumatology Training and Workforce Issues (COTW) contracted with the Academy for Academic Leadership (AAL), a leading firm in the area of workforce projections, to conduct a study of the rheumatology workforce in the United States.

The Rheumatology Workforce: Present and Future

2015 Rheumatology Workforce Study Report

Previous Workforce Studies and Data

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