White Papers

The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) places a high priority on developing methodologically rigorous, evidence-based, clinical practice guidelines, quality measurements, position statements, and white papers. The white papers below are provided to assist members as they develop and sustain high-quality, efficient professional practices.

The Science Behind Biosimilars – Entering a New Era of Biologic Therapy
This white paper provides a comprehensive overview of the scientific, clinical, and prescribing issues pertaining to biosimilar use, including efficacy, competition, and drug pricing. It encourages providers to incorporate these drugs into the treatment of patients with rheumatic diseases. The authors are hopeful that continued use of biosimilars will improve patient access to biologic drugs, which will ensure high-quality healthcare at a reduced cost.

Defining Quality of Care in Rheumatology: The American College of Rheumatology White Paper on Quality Measurement
Through our members, the ACR is leading the creation of rheumatology-related quality measures. The ACR also is strongly advocating for systems and payors nationwide to adopt only ACR-approved measures. To further advance these endeavors, the ACR convened a Quality Measures White Paper Development Workgroup. This diverse group's activities culminated in publication of the paper. This manuscript was published in the January 2011 issue of Arthritis Care & Research. It synthesizes the information most relevant to the ACR membership regarding quality measurement and provides a consensus-based set of criteria for the review of quality measures submitted to ACR for approval. This white paper now serves as the basis for ACR procedures regarding review of quality measures developed externally.

Rheumatic Diseases in America: The problem. The impact. The answers.
The ACR’s ongoing public relations effort, Simple Tasks, aims to elevate the importance of rheumatology, increase understanding of the work of rheumatologists, and lay a foundation of awareness and understanding that creates support for more favorable public policy. The campaign’s white paper features over 55 rheumatology-related citations from medical journals, rheumatology organizations, and media.

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