Professional Communities

The American College of Rheumatology’s (ACR) professional online communities join like-minded health professionals all over the world. ACR members can easily connect with peers at any time from any place. The list serves are designed to improve communication between and among members; offer a forum to exchange ideas; and allow members to benefit from the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of their colleagues.

Participation is restricted to ACR/ARHP members. Members may use the information below to learn how to join a list, change email address and settings, and search the archives. If you've already subscribed, you can access your communities now.

Subscribe to a List Serve

To get started, view the available list serve forums. If you see a list serve that you would like to join, click Subscribe in the far right column. Follow the directions, wait 24-48 hours for approval, and then you can access the list serve.

Manage your Account

For those already subscribed to an ACR list and logged in, you can manage your subscription by clicking My Account in the left menu to change your settings.

Search the Archives

Once subscribed and logged in, click Search in the left menu to search the current forum using simple key words or the Advanced Search.

Professional Communities Rules and Etiquette

Be sure to read the list serve rules and etiquette.

Manage your Subscription

To send an email to a list to which you are subscribed, address the email to, where “listname” is the actual name of the list. For example, if you are subscribed to acradvocacy list, you would address an email to

Important: If you reply to any list message, it goes to the ENTIRE group. Remember, if you want to send an email only to an individual on the list, take out the address, and insert the recipient's email address.

Trusted Sender List

Be sure to add the list sender email address to your trusted sender list or to your contacts. This will prevent list messages from being blocked by email filters.

The list sender email address is where listname is the actual list. For example, or

Spam / Junk Mail Filter

Do not add any list emails to your junk mail filter or click the 'This is Spam' button. This may cause problems for other list subscribers and is considered poor etiquette.


If you wish to discontinue your subscription, send an email with the words: “unsubscribe listname” (where listname is the actual name of the list) either in the body of the email, or as the subject line, to

For example, if you are subscribed to the acradvocacy list and wish to unsubscribe, type the message: “unsubscribe acradvocacy” in either the body or the subject of an email message and send it to (Note: this is not the address from which you receive email; it has the word "lists" preceding "rheumatology.")

Receiving too much list mail? Use Digest mode.

If you are receiving too much email from a list, you can set it to send you only ONE email per day, which contains all the discussions from all emails for that day. Do this by composing an email which simply says: “set listname digest” (where listname is the actual name of the list) as either the body or the subject (remember to use the actual listname), and send it to the email address

Set it back to normal by sending a message which says “set listname mail” (where listname is the actual name of the list) to

Going on vacation, or temporarily inundated with emails?

Stop list mail for a while by sending the message: “set listname nomail” (where listname is the actual name of the list) to Set it back to normal by using the mail or digest command above when you return.

Other Information and Other ACR / ARHP Lists

You may be eligible to subscribe to other ACR/ARHP lists. Review the lists and subscriber options or contact us at if you have any questions about lists. Note this is a different email address than the one used for changing your subscription.

Available List Serve Communities

Participation is restricted to ACR/ARHP members. If you are a current member, please login to access, join, or manage your communities.