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Global Rheumatology Summit

The Global Rheumatology Summit will present critical topics at the intersection of global health and rheumatology. It will start with a keynote address on global health equity, followed by presentations showcasing women trailblazers in rheumatology, highlighting technological innovation to improve healthcare delivery and training, and ideas to empower health professionals and patients.

With the variety of session formats, including fireside chats and lively debates of complex cases, the Global Rheumatology Summit will be the place to share lessons and inspire future generations of rheumatology leaders.

Global Rheumatology Summit at ACR Convergence - November 3, 2021

Call for Cases and Innovative Solutions

The call for cases and innovation solutions for the 2021 Global Rheumatology Summit is closed.

Meet the Experts: ANCA-Associated Vasculitis

The ACR is pleased to announce the Meet the Experts Global Sessions, a quarterly virtual educational series for a global audience of rheumatologists and rheumatology health professionals. Our inaugural session will take place in conjunction with the Global Rheumatology Summit. It will focus on ANCA-Associated Vasculitis, where a panel of leading rheumatology experts will discuss the submitted cases.

Innovative Solutions to Global Challenges in Rheumatology: Leveraging technology to create opportunities and break down barriers

Innovative technology solutions to solve challenges in the field of rheumatology will be showcased. Innovations can include but are not limited to telemedicine and telehealth, data sciences, mHealth, virtual education platforms, AI, and registries.

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