Nothing About Us Without Us: Engaging Patients in Rheumatology Research





Program Information

Engagement of patients and other stakeholders is essential for high quality, relevant rheumatology research. Best practices for this type of engagement are emerging rapidly. This webinar describes processes for engagement from the patient / consumer perspective (Amye Leong, MBA), the researcher perspective (Monique Gignac, PhD), and the funder perspective (Suzanne Schrandt, JD; Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute).

Learning Objectives

  1. To describe the value of and best practices for engaging patients in the research process, from the investigator perspective. This will include specific examples of successes and challenges.
  2. To describe the patient experience as a member of research the team and practical engagement strategies.
  3. To describe the funding agency perspective regarding expectations and best practices for patient engagement on the research team.

Moderator: Kelli D. Allen, PhD, Research Professor
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill & Durham VA Medical Center

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