The creation of the Rheum4Science program grew out of the conviction that rheumatologists in training need a working understanding of the scientific principles that form the foundation of clinical practice and investigation, and that adult learners benefit from a variety of resources and formats. Rheum4Science is designed to enable the learner to:

  • Examine the underlying biology and clinical research methodology necessary for the knowledgeable practice of rheumatology.
  • Understand the immunology elements and mechanisms integral to the pathophysiology of rheumatic diseases and drug mechanisms of action.
  • Apply an understanding of clinical research methods to interpretation of the primary literature in rheumatology and to patient care scenarios.

How to Use Rheum4Science Modules

Rheum4Science modules are targeted to rheumatology fellows in training, medical students, residents, practicing rheumatologists, and other rheumatology health care providers interested in strengthening their understanding of basic scientific principles and clinical research methodology relevant to the field of rheumatology.

Each module is a standalone activity that can be completed as a self-study activity or in small groups. Learners may benefit from discussion of key takeaways and questions in a group after completion.

Rheum4Science Modules

Rheum4Science Faculty

Module Authors

Module 1 - Overview of Innate Immunity
Leonard Calabrese, DO; Bethany Marston, MD

Module 2 - Toll-Like Receptors in Rheumatic Disease
Bethany Marston, MD; Christopher T. Ritchlin, MD, MPH

Module 3 - The NLRP3 Inflammasome
Bethany Marston, MD; Michael H. Pillinger, MD

Module 4 - Data and Distributions
Juliet Aizer, MD, MPH; Marianna B. Frey, BA; Lisa A. Mandl, MD, MPH; Noa Schwartz, MD, MS

Module 5 - Cohort Studies
Juliet Aizer, MD, MPH; Lisa A. Mandl, MD, MPH

Module 6 - Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis
William Rigby, MD

Module 7 - Randomized Controlled Trials
Juliet Aizer, MD, MPH; Lisa A. Mandl, MD, MPH; Diane Zisa, MD

Module 8 - Neutrophils
Ruth Fernandez-Ruiz, MD, MSCI; Michael H. Pillinger, MD


The ACR acknowledges the contributions of the members of the Rheum4Science Working Group, who identified the need for these resources, developed the curriculum, and brought its earliest modules to fruition.

Juliet Aizer, MD, MPH; Anne R. Bass, MD; Leonard Calabrese, DO; Lisa Mandl, MD, MPH; Bethany Marston, MD; Michael H. Pillinger, MD; William Rigby, MD; Christopher T. Ritchlin, MD, MPH; Gregg Silverman, MD

The ACR also recognizes the following faculty for providing expert reviews, ensuring content accuracy and relevancy.

Jessica Gordon, MD, MSc; Justin Levinson, MD, MBA; Bethany Marston, MD; Yair Molad, MD

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