High Impact Rheumatology™ Curriculum

  1. Why High Impact Rheumatology™?
    Download PowerPoint or PDF
  2. When it Really Hurts
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  3. Evaluation and Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis
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  4. Evaluation and Management of Osteoarthritis
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  5. Evaluation and Management of Low Back Pain
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  6. Diffuse Arthralgias and Myalgias
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  7. Multisystem Inflammatory Disease
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  8. Rheumatology at a Glance
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  9. Joint Exam and Injection Techniques
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How to Use HIR™

To make easier use of the modules, follow these tips regarding organization and format.

Organization of the Material
The curriculum is presented as nine modules, with introductory and other materials, in PowerPoint (PPT) and PDF file formats. The PowerPoint presentations can be used “as is” or modified to suit your needs. Some PowerPoint presentations may start or end with a blank slide.

System Requirements
PowerPoint presentations require Microsoft PowerPoint (version 9 or later). PPT files are large and may take some time to download. PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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