Understanding MOC

Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements were developed by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and implemented by all ABMS member boards, including the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM).

For ABIM Board Certified physicians, in addition to certification status, ABIM reports whether or not you are “participating in MOC” (i.e., continuously engaging in MOC activities). This applies to all ABIM Board Certified physicians, including physicians certified before 1990 and hold a certification that is valid indefinitely (“grandparent”).

ABIM MOC Requirements

The ABIM’s New in 2018 page provides detailed information on the changing requirements and the Knowledge Check-In. For information about your personal MOC status and to see your specific requirements, login to your ABIM physician page.

  1. Hold a valid and unrestricted license
  2. Visit the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) to learn more about your state’s licensure requirements.

  3. Every 2 years (to be reported as participating in MOC) - complete at least 1 MOC activity (points earned will count toward 5 year requirement)

  4. Every 5 years (to stay certified)  - earn 100 MOC points (at least 20 in medical knowledge)

  5. Every 10 years (to stay certified) - pass the MOC Exam for your certification(s) within 10 years of when you last passed

Meeting MOC Requirements

For information about your personal MOC status and to see your specific requirements, login to your ABIM physician page.

Board certified before 1990 (grandparent)
Your initial certification is valid indefinitely; however, you do still need to enroll in the ABIM MOC program to be reported as "Participating in MOC". If you choose not to enroll or miss any of the MOC requirements, you will be reported as "Certified, Not Participating in MOC."

Board certified after 1990 (before 2014)
You will continue to be certified until your current certification expires. To be reported as "Certified, Participating in MOC," you will need to enroll in the ABIM MOC program and complete at least one ABIM-approved activity every 2 years. Every 5 years, a total of 100 MOC points must be earned. Once your current certification expires, you will only be eligible to renew your certification if you are enrolled in MOC and "Participating in MOC".

Newly certified (2014 and after)
Your certification is contingent upon whether you are meeting MOC requirements at the two, five, and ten year milestones. You must participate in continuous MOC activity to remain certified.

Earn MOC Points through ACR

The ACR’s CARE activities were designed by rheumatologists for rheumatologists with the goal of providing educational opportunities to earn MOC points while reflecting a rheumatologist’s scope of work.

The ACR is not the creator of the driving force behind MOC, but because it is a process required of many of our members, we have made a commitment to provide rheumatologists with resources and tools to navigate the process and earn MOC points.

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ACR’s Role and Response