Division Director Toolkit

The Division Director Toolkit is a resource for division directors as they work to achieve the success of faculty and trainees. The toolkit is a set of educational guides to help division directors increase their effectiveness in advocacy, faculty recruitment and retention, divisional strategic planning, obtaining grants, and more.

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Advocacy for Division Directors
Being an advocate means speaking out on behalf of your patients and profession, and it also assumes that there is an opportunity for improvement. In the context of your work as a division director, there are mechanisms to effect change that are unique to your position.

Divisional Strategic Planning - The Basics
Successful strategic planning within a rheumatology division is a fluid and inclusive process, and it should be flexible to adapt to changing conditions within the Department. Learn about guidelines for strategic planning which will help lead to cohesion within your division.

Grant Funding Resources for Division Directors
Division directors are responsible for helping trainees and faculty obtain funding in addition to larger programmatic needs. Learn about the different types of funding that may be available from federal and foundation sources.

Leadership Courses for Academic Career Development
See information on leadership development courses and programs that are available to division directors.

Rheumatology Division Recruitment Strategies
Adding new faculty to your institution can be a complex process. Finding someone who shares the vision and mission of the rheumatology division and fits well into the team is the overall goal. See strategies to help with your recruitment efforts.

Rheumatology Division Retention Strategies
Turnover in the workplace is unavoidable, but it cannot be a major detriment to your program. Staff retention is a daily process should be approached with a long-term view. See strategies to help with staff retention.

Top Ten Things Division Directors Wish they Had Known
Learn about the top ten things individuals wish they had known before becoming a division director.

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