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Access academic tools and resources, get involved in the Division Director Special Committee (DDSC), and register for events designed for rheumatology division directors.

Webinar: What the ACR Can Do for You as a Division Director

This webinar guides viewers through some of the many outstanding resources the ACR currently offers to division directors. The webinar includes a walk through of the committees that comprise the ACR, ARHP, and Rheumatology Research Foundation, as well as a discussion of the projects these groups are working on and the esources they have created for division directors. View webinar >

Division Directors’ Conference: March 9 - 10, 2018

The ACR Division Directors’ Conference will expose attendees to key issues involved in running successful academic divisions of rheumatology. Attendees will hear from experts in the field and their peers on how to handle everyday challenges faced by academic institutions. There will be ample opportunities for networking and brainstorming for solutions to common problems faced by academic institutions.

Conference Syllabi and CME

2017 Division Directors' Conference
Attendees of the 2017 Division Directors' Conference can access the syllabi and claim CME credit from the My Account page. See step-by-step instructions >

2016 Division Directors' Forum
The 2016 syllabi is available online. See syllabi >