Careers in Rheumatology

So, you have decided to dedicate your life to caring for others and now it’s time to choose where you want to focus. What do you see for your future? What do you want out of your career and your life? It’s a lot to think about. To make things easier, we mapped out the many career opportunities in rheumatology to give you a better idea what a life in rheumatology looks like.

Clinical Investigator

A rheumatology clinical investigator engages in research relevant to rheumatic diseases. A clinical investigator is responsible for making sure a clinical trial meets all research expectations, regulatory requirements and protects the rights and welfare of human participants. Access resources for clinician investigators.

Clinical Educator

If you want to stay in a setting where you can train the new rheumatology workforce, then you should become a clinical educator! Clinical educators provide high-quality clinical education to future rheumatologists and rheumatology health professionals. See more >

Private Practice

Want autonomy to make decisions that will allow you to take better care of your patients? If so, then, starting a private practice may be the best career option for you. Starting a medical practice can be the most rewarding undertaking, but it can also be exceedingly challenging. Learn the ins and outs of private practice.

Basic Science Researcher

These are the diseases detectives in lab coats! Remember, rheumatology is for the curious. Basic science researchers study diseases in a laboratory at the molecular or cellular level. Learn more about research in rheumatology.

Translational Researcher

Translational research in rheumatic diseases is expanding rapidly with new findings about the genetic factors that influence disease susceptibility and severity. Translational researchers analyze discoveries generated during research in the laboratory and determine the impact on human health. Translational researchers then develop preventative and treatment strategies and practice guidelines. Discover more

Pediatric Rheumatology

Pediatric rheumatologists specialize in providing comprehensive care to children with rheumatic diseases. Learn about the ACR Pediatric Rheumatology Residents Program.

Rheumatology Health Professional

Because rheumatic diseases are often complex and affect many aspects of the patient’s life, effective management requires the coordinated efforts of a diverse group of professionals. From the social worker to the physician assistant, all play an integral role in assessing and managing the patient’s symptoms and their effects on physical, psychological and social functioning. Learn more about the various rheumatology health professional careers.


Rheumatologists who are successful in the pharmaceutical industry are multifaceted. Rheumatologists with pharmaceutical careers work with various teams including, clinical operations, regulatory affairs, legal affairs, research groups and commercial departments.

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