General Education Resources

Expand your knowledge and the knowledge of your students, residents, fellows in training, nurse practitioner colleagues, and primary care provider colleagues with our broad range of educational activities. Also see grant and award resources for rheumatologists and rheumatology health professionals.

Online Educational Activities

The creation of Rheum4Science grew from the conviction that the teaching of science is declining in rheumatology. The target audience is rheumatology fellows in training, medical students, residents, practicing rheumatologists, and rheumatology healthcare providers.

Rheum2Learn contains 15 modules with cases to enhance clinical knowledge in the care and assessment of individuals with rheumatic diseases. They are a resource for internal medicine program directors and residents during rheumatology rotation and rheumatology health professionals for self-study.

CARE Modules
CARE (Continuing, Assessment, Review and Evaluation) is a self-assessment of medical knowledge. The case-based, multiple-choice questions are based on the ABIM MOC exam blueprint.

Advanced Rheumatology Course
This comprehensive course is designed to expand rheumatology knowledge and practical skills. The target audience is rheumatology fellows in training, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, primary care physicians/internists, residents, and providers new to rheumatology.

Fundamentals of Rheumatology Course
This course includes ten modules that offer an evidence-based overview of adult and pediatric rheumatic disorders and care. The target audience is people transitioning into a rheumatology practice such as nurses, office nurses, licensed practical nurses, medical assistants, practice managers, office staff, and other new clinicians.

Rheumatology eBytes
eBytes are short online courses for busy health professionals that define clinical, radiographic, and symptomatic manifestations; discuss epidemiology and pathophysiology/pathoanatomy; and cover the diagnosis and treatment of patients. The target audience is physicians, fellows in training, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who care for patients with rheumatic disease.

ACR Beyond
See streaming educational content from ACR scientific meetings. The ACR Beyond On-Demand subscription gives you unlimited access to watch hundreds of recorded sessions from leading experts from 2019 and earlier at your convenience. Live events taking place in 2020 and later will be available for individual on-demand purchase. 

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Other Educational Resources

Clinician Scholar Educator Products
Clinician Scholar Educator Award recipients develop educational products and processes using new technologies and methods to better train future rheumatologists.

Clinical Practice Guidelines
Clinical practice guidelines are developed to reduce inappropriate care, minimize geographic variations in practice patterns, and enable effective use of healthcare resources.

Education and Training Awards

Fellowship Training Award - Workforce Expansion - This award supports the training of a promising fellow at an institution that has been unable to fill all of their ACGME-approved slots and also ensures an adequate supply of rheumatology providers to meet the needs of children and adults with rheumatic diseases in all areas of the country, particularly those underserved.

Mentored NP/PA Education Award for Workplace Expansion - The purpose of this award is to support tailored training for nurse practitioners or physician assistants who are new to the field of rheumatology and increase the supply of rheumatology healthcare providers to better meet the needs of people with rheumatic diseases in the United States, particularly in geographically underserved areas.

Health Professional Online Education Grant - The purpose of this award is to increase the knowledge and skills of rheumatology health professionals so they are better equipped to meet the needs of a growing rheumatology patient population.

Marshall J. Schiff, MD, Memorial Fellow Research Award - This award encourages fellows to continue rheumatology research.

Pediatric Research Award - This award recognizes outstanding scientific abstracts submitted by pediatric rheumatology fellows.

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