Adult Rheumatology In-Training Examination


March 28–29, 2023


Onsite at home institution. Remote proctoring will also be allowed for 2023.


Registration for the 2023 ITE is closed; the deadline to register was February 21. Registration for the 2024 exam will open in early 2024.


The registration fee is $300 per fellow.

General Information

The ITE is a web-based examination consisting of 200 items. The exam is administrated to fellows at an onsite, secure testing location designated by the training program. The ITE is offered over a two-day window to allow programs to test all their fellows in training and provide necessary clinic coverage. FITs can be divided among the two days or all FITs can take the exam on the same day.

Timing of the Exam

The total test session time is 7 hours and 55 minutes to complete the examination. There are 5 sections consisting of 40 items each with a 10-minute break after examinees complete test sections 1, 2 and 4; and a 30-minute break after examinees complete test section 3. There is an optional 15-minute tutorial at the start of the exam and a short satisfaction survey at the end of the examination.

  • Exam start time is 9:00 AM your local time
  • All FITs must start the exam at the same time
  • The exam must be completed during the allotted time
  • There is no make-up date for the exam

Practice Exam

Examinees should practice using the test delivery interface prior to taking the exam. The sample practice exam is not content-based; it is an opportunity for test takers to practice using the interface.
Practice Exam

Exam Administration 

Each program must designate a chief proctor(s) to oversee the administration of the exam. The chief proctor is responsible for the following:

  • Performing workstation certification on each computer that will be used during the exam. This certification must be performed prior to the test day on each computer that will be used for web-based testing
  • Preparing examinee workstations – boot up each workstation
  • Distributing instruction sheet which includes examinee login information
  • Providing examinees with Examinee Startup Code for launching the exam
  • Monitoring the testing session online
  • Ending the exam session and completing a Test Administration Report

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