RCR (Qualified Registry)

Rheumatology Clinical Registry

The Rheumatology Clinical Registry (RCR) facilitates quality reporting for practicing rheumatologists without an EHR. Those who do have an EHR, may desire to participate in the RISE registry.

Get Started

To get started with RCR, please follow the instructions below. Note: If you used the RCR last year, you may access the RCR Dashboard to begin QPP reporting.

  1. Go to the RCR Registration Portal to sign up (refer to the video of the RCR registration user guide to assist with the completion of your RCR registration).

  2. After you’ve completed the RCR registration and signed the required agreements (e.g., data consent release forms), you will receive an automated email with a link to the RCR Dashboard. If you do not receive this email, please contact our technical support staff at gurbirg@figmd.com or francisd@figmd.com.

  3. Login to the RCR dashboard and begin reporting (refer to the video of the RCR reporting guide to assist with the completion QPP reporting).


Video User Guides



Frequently Asked Questions

How is data entered into, and accessed through, the RCR?

Data is manually entered into the RCR using a secure, web-based data entry system.

How does using the RCR for QPP reporting purposes differ from the QPP data collection that my practice is already doing through the claims process?

Registry reporting options provide more choices in reporting intervals and also allow reporting to occur periodically instead of concurrently with the submission of claims.

  • Registry reporting maximizes the value of your data for clinical quality improvement projects within your organization. Analyzed data reports will assist you in identifying gaps in care.
  • The success rate for QPP registry reporting is higher than claims-based reporting. This is primarily due to submission errors and missing/inconsistent data that are common in claims reporting. Validation checks built into the RCR reporting process help ensure that all submissions for QPP are accurate and complete before the data are sent to CMS.
  • The ability to enter and view data at any point throughout the reporting year means that your practice can perform data entry retrospectively, in a batch format. The RCR will allow you to submit your data right up until the CMS deadline. This process eliminates the effort required to track claims throughout the year. Also, you can review and update your data at any time prior to the CMS deadline, helping you assess whether you are meeting reporting requirements.

Not all of the physicians in my practice want to participate in the RCR. Can I still participate?

Yes. We are happy to work with any physicians in your practice who want to participate.

What are the technical requirements for using the RCR, and what kind of technical support will I receive if I register?

  • RCR users need a computer with an Internet connection, preferably high speed.
  • The RCR is a web-based registry with no software to install.
  • Technical support is available. Send an email to gurbirg@figmd.com or francisd@figmd.com