Members of the Rheumatology Health Care Team

health care team

Rheumatic diseases are often complex and affect many aspects of the patient’s life. Effective management requires the coordinated efforts of a diverse group of professionals. With the patient as its central focus, the role of the multidisciplinary team is to assess and manage the patient’s symptoms and their effects on physical, psychological, and social functioning. The priorities of treatment are determined with the patient, resulting in a treatment plan that will lead to the best control of the disease and its symptoms, and improve patient functioning.

The following pages outline the role of various health professionals you might come into contact with as a rheumatology patient.
Advanced Practice Provider
Certified Medical Assistant
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Health Educator
Infusion Nurse
Licensed Practical Nurse
Licensed Psychologist
Nurse Practitioner
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Physician Assistant
Primary Care Physician
Registered Dietitian
Registered Nurse
Role of a Patient
Social Worker

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