For Patients & Caregivers

Being diagnosed with a rheumatic disease can be scary and confusing, but with the right knowledge and a qualified rheumatologist and health care team, living well with rheumatic disease is quite possible. Trusted patient information is available.

This patient information page is designed to help rheumatology patients and caregivers find the information they need about rheumatic diseases and conditions, common medications used to treat rheumatic diseases, resources for assistance, and the rheumatology health care professionals who will help you throughout your journey.

Diseases & Conditions

Learn about common rheumatic diseases and conditions and tips for living well with rheumatic disease, such as how to manage back pain. Information is available in English and Spanish.


Get facts about medications used to treat rheumatic diseases such as how they work, usages, common dosages, safety tips, and side effects. Information is available in English and Spanish.

Health Care Team

Learn how a rheumatologist and other health professionals such as clinical nurses, physical therapists, etc. help patients with rheumatic disease.

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View additional resources from other organizations to inform and assist patients with rheumatic disease.

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Patient Education Videos

Watch short videos on rheumatic disease, its impact, and how other patients are handling life after diagnosis.

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