Virtual Rheumatology Teaching Lessons – Adult

The ACR Committee on Training and Workforce is pleased to present the Virtual Rheumatology Teaching Lessons – Adult (ViTLs). This interactive series takes a deep dive into specific topics targeted to fellows in adult rheumatology fellowship programs. Initially launched in 2021, this monthly lecture series is led by professionals across the U.S. who are known for their expertise and exceptional educational experiences. The 2022 recorded sessions will be posted to this webpage within 24 hours of the session.

2022 ViTLs Preliminary Program 
Times and speakers are subject to change.

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This program is designed for educational purposes only. The material presented is not intended to represent the only or the best methods appropriate for the medical situations discussed, but rather is intended to present the opinions of the authors or presenters, which may be helpful to other practitioners. Attendees participating in this education activity sponsored by the ACR do so with full knowledge that they waive any claim they may have against the ACR for reliance on any information presented during this educational activity.


2022 ViTLs - Adult Lecture Recordings

Lecture 1 Recording (January 5)  

Nadera Sweiss, MD
Prashant Parmar, MD
Omar F. Abou-Ezzeddine, MD, CM, MS
Pooja Bhat, MD

Nadera Sweiss, MD, and Prashant Parmar, MD, provide an overview of the management and treatment of sarcoidosis. The session also includes presentations on both sarcoid heart disease and ocular sarcoidosis by Omar F. Abou-Ezzeddine, MD, CM, MS, and Pooja Bhat, MD, respectively.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the challenges of the management of sarcoidosis
  • Recognize the recent updates regarding sarcoidosis treatment
  • Identify potential vision threatening complications of ocular sarcoidosis
  • Understand aims of systemic immunosuppression in patients with non-infectious ocular inflammation
  • Provide an overview of the pathophysiology and clinical presentation of sarcoid myocarditis
  • Review diagnostic algorithms and the role of advanced imaging in the current era
  • Offer a therapeutic approach for the management of sarcoid myocarditis


2021 ViTLs - Adult Lecture Recordings

Watch ViTLs Adult Playlist

Lecture 6 Recording (May 26)  

COVID-19 and Rheumatology
Jean Liew, MD
Erin Wilfong, MD, PhD
Mehrdad Matloubian, MD, PhD

This session discusses the management of the rheumatology patient diagnosed with COVID-19 and will cover COVID-19 complications, medication effects on vaccine response, and the relationship between vaccine response and underlying rheumatologic disease.

Lecture 5 Recording (April 26)  

Lupus Disparities and Reproductive Justice in Lupus
Susan Manzi, MD, MPH
Megan E. B. Clowse, MD, MPH

This session covers the role of health disparities as it relates to the diagnosis and management of patients with lupus and describes the clinical features as well as social features that impact pregnancy in lupus.

Lecture 4 Recording (April 9)  

Dermatomyositis: Bridging Dermatology and Rheumatology
Lisa Christopher-Stine, MD, MPH
Victoria P. Werth, MD, MS

In this case-based presentation, Dr. Lisa Christopher-Stine and Dr. Victoria Werth discuss the collaborative dermatologic/rheumatologic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of dermatomyositis. They examine organ system involvement – involving skin, muscle, joint, etc., from 2 clinician specialty viewpoints. They review unique clinical findings as well as their histopathological and immunopathological correlates and apply this collaborative approach to the management of dermatologic and rheumatologic features in patients with dermatomyositis.

Lecture 3 Recording (March 29)  

ANCA Vasculitis
Geetha Duvuru, MD
Alexandra Villa Forte, MD, MPH

In this session, Drs. Villa Forte and Duvuru debate the role of PLEX in remission induction and choosing between rituximab and cyclophosphamide for remission induction. They also review therapy choices for remission maintenance and role of ANCA and CD 19 monitoring for guiding remission maintenance therapy.

Lecture 2 Recording (March 9)  

Inflammatory Eye Disease for the Rheumatologist
Laura Kopplin, MD, PhD
Bryn Burkholder, MD
Jim Rosenbaum, MD

This session reviews three common forms of inflammatory eye disease seen in patients with rheumatic conditions (scleritis, uveitis, and orbital inflammatory disease), and provides an overview of common clinical findings, mimickers, and suggestions for evaluation and treatment.

Lecture 1 Recording (February 18)  

Interstitial Lung Disease Associated with Systemic Rheumatic Diseases
Kristin B. Highland, MD, MSCR

In this case-based presentation, Kristin B. Highland, MD, MSCR, discusses initial evaluations, approaches to treatment, and monitoring of patients with interstitial lung disease (ILD) associated with systemic rheumatic diseases.


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