Volunteers to Expand Rheumatology Access


The Volunteers to Expand Rheumatology Access (VERA) initiative aims to improve access to care for uninsured and under-insured patients with rheumatic disease in the U.S. If you are interested in volunteering to provide care to underserved populations in your community, browse the resources below to see volunteer opportunities, frequently asked questions, volunteer testimonials, and opportunities to connect with other volunteers.


Volunteer Opportunities

Are you ready to start volunteering or seek a new opportunity? Browse volunteer opportunities to provide direct patient care, in person or by virtual consultations with primary care providers in underserved communities.

Volunteer Testimonials

Wondering what it is like to volunteer? Read insights, experiences, and takeaways from rheumatology providers who currently volunteer to provide patient care in their community. See volunteer testimonials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about volunteering to provide patient care or other types of opportunities? See frequently asked questions when considering patient care volunteering. If you still have questions, please contact VERA@rheumatology.org.

Connect with Volunteers

The VERA Group allows communication among members who are committed to improving access to rheumatology care through volunteering. We invite you to connect with like-minded providers to build relationships, share opportunities, keep the conversation going, and see updates from ACR. See how to join the VERA Group.

VERA Task Force

The VERA Task Force was formed in September 2018 to explore provider interest in volunteering to improve care and the feasibility of creating a resource to share volunteer opportunities. The Task Force includes ACR/ARP members across different clinical practice settings and professional backgrounds who have a strong commitment to serving those without access to quality care.


The volunteer opportunities presented here are provided by the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) as an informational resource for rheumatology health professionals. The listing is not meant to be exhaustive and ACR does not benefit financially from linking to these organizations or have a relationship with them. The ACR is not responsible for the information contained on these websites. It is the responsibility of the individual to contact the organization of interest to learn more about potential volunteer opportunities. Please view the ACR's policies regarding privacy, internal and external linking, and copyright and disclaimer issues.

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