Simple Tasks

Millions of Americans are living with painful, debilitating, and costly rheumatic diseases. These diseases can make even the simplest tasks - such as eating, brushing your teeth, and driving a car - impossible. The first weeks and months following the onset of rheumatic disease symptoms are known as the “window of opportunity,” and it is crucial that patients get appropriate treatment in that time period to avoid lasting complications.

In September 2011, the American College of Rheumatology launched the Simple Tasks campaign to educate lawmakers, administration officials, think tanks, advocacy groups, physicians and physician groups on the importance of rheumatology as well as to increase the understanding of the work of rheumatologists and lay a foundation of awareness that creates support for more favorable public policy. Learn more about Simple Tasks.

Simple Tasks Campaign Resources

ACR/ARP Member Toolkit

There are a variety of campaign assets for ACR/ARP members to use to raise awareness about the impact of rheumatic disease. Because of this, the ACR has developed a Toolkit that includes information to help educate people about the early warning signs of rheumatic diseases and highlight rheumatology professionals as the best sources for treatment.

We encourage ACR/ARP members to utilize all the materials in this toolkit to effectively conduct outreach in their communities. We also invited you send feedback about the campaign, its resources, and their involvement to


Order Bent Fork Lapel Pins Simple Tasks Bent Fork Lapel Pins

The bent fork lapel pin was created for ACR/ARP members to wear during their Capitol Hill visits, while treating patients and in their day-to-day activities. The bent fork has become one of the most noticed and memorable elements of the campaign. Members and patients may purchase pins from the ACR by contacting

Patient Support

Simple Tasks offers a variety of resources for patients. Explore our library of videos about the impact of rheumatic diseases, learn about your window of opportunity, and read our inspiring patient case studies to learn about their experiences living with a rheumatic disease.

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