ACR/ARP Mailing Lists

The ACR/ARP mailing list is available to rent. Members may choose to opt out of receiving these mailings. Email address lists are not available.

The American College of Rheumatology mailing list offers direct access to thousands of engaged professionals advancing the rheumatology subspecialty. Renting the ACR mailing list is an effective direct marketing tool you can use to inform these prospects, letting them know you are eager to conduct business and maintain a top-of-mind presence throughout the year.

For more information, counts, or to place an order, contact INFOCUS Marketing at 800-708-5478,, or view details online.

As an added convenience for ACR mailing list renters, INFOCUS offers integrated marketing services to help save you time and money. Whatever the need - delivering a direct mail promotion about your product or service, acquiring new prospect lists, or printing marketing collateral - INFOCUS has the ability and expertise to take you from start to finish seamlessly. Visit for more information.

Special Proprietary Notice and Disclaimer

The entirety of the mailing list, nor any part of the data, may not be republished or duplicated, shared or sold, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes, purposes of compiling a database, or for any purposes other than sending the mail piece for which the list was approved, without the prior express written permission of the ACR. The ACR name or logo, in whole or part, may not be used in any mail piece. A final version of the mail piece is required for approval. The ACR mailing list may only be obtained through our approved vendor, INFOCUS Marketing.

Although the ACR undertakes reasonable efforts to keep the information in the mailing list up to date, the ACR does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or in any way endorse the individuals described therein.

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