If you are organizing or coordinating a group that will attend ACR Convergence, see contacts for group housing and registration.

Group Housing

ACR Housing can provide groups with all-inclusive travel packages. Book rooms a la carte or let ACR design a package tailored to your group’s needs. For information on international group housing, please visit CMR Global Group Services.

Group Housing Contact
Lorenzo Foschi, Director of Global Client Relations
CMR Global Group Services
Phone: 305-866-5313, ext. 110
Fax: 305-865-4382

Italian Agents - AIFA
The ACR has appointed CMR Global Group Services to coordinate and assist Italian pharmaceutical companies as the sole delegate to collect requests and complete mandatory compliance procedures as per Legislative Order No. 219 of April 24, 2006, par. 124.

AIFA Contact: Nicole Napolitano, Client Service Manager
CMR Global Group Services
Phone: +39 (06) 9028.6366
Fax: +39 (06) 2332.45675

Group Registration

For information on ACR Convergence group registration, contact

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