Image Competition

Submit a case-based image for peer-review and display at ACR Convergence, the ACR's annual meeting. If accepted, your image will be digitally displayed at the meeting and added to the ACR Rheumatology Image Library collection. One image will be selected as the winner of the Image Competition and published in the Arthritis & Rheumatology journal. The winner will receive complimentary registration to ACR Convergence 2023.


If your image is accepted, it will be displayed during ACR Convergence and added to the Rheumatology Image Library.

In addition, prizes for the following categories will be awarded.

Best Overall Image

  • $1,500 cash prize
  • Published in an issue of Arthritis & Rheumatology
  • Complimentary registration to ACR Convergence 2023
  • Highlighted during the ACR Convergence 2023 - Plenary I

Regional Winners Circle
One contributor from each region* listed below will be added to the Regional Winners Circle. The Regional Winners Circle will be highlighted during the ACR Convergence 2023 – Plenary I, receive complimentary registration to ACR Convergence 2023, be eligible to win the 2023 People's Choice Award, plus the opportunity to be featured as the Image of Month in The Rheumatologist.

  • North America
  • Latin America & Caribbean
  • Europe & Central Asia
  • Middle East & North Africa
  • East Asia & Pacific
  • South Asia
  • Sub-Saharan Africa

*These regions are defined by the World Bank.

The People's Choice Award will showcase the regional winners, representing the global rheumatology community. The People's Choice Award winner will be selected during ACR Convergence 2023 and receive a $1,000 cash prize.

Image Competition Submission

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Image Submission Eligibility

Who is eligible to submit an image
ACR and ARP members and non-members are eligible to submit an image.

Images that are eligible for submission
The ACR seeks images representing a diverse range of patients that show either characteristic or unusual manifestations of the rheumatic disease in the following categories:

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Images that are not eligible for submission

  • Images that have been published before the Image Competition submission deadline 
  • Images that are copyrighted
  • Images that have been previously submitted to the Image Competition

Image Submission Guidelines

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Image Competition Timeline

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Image Permissions

See information about the use of Rheumatology Image Library images, including the annual meeting embargo policy.
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Image Competition Winners

Congratulations to the following individuals for their outstanding submissions to the Image Competition!


Grand Prize - Lauren Harper, MD, Columbus, OH
A 12-year-old female with a diagnosis of Moebius syndrome presented for evaluation of progressive tongue hemi-atrophy for one year, resulting in feeding and speech difficulties. Brain MRI demonstrated tongue hemi-atrophy without the involvement of the hypoglossal nerve. Tongue biopsy showed atrophy of skeletal muscle, variably sized nerves, stromal calcification, mild hyperplasia of overlying mucosa, parakeratosis, and mild subepithelial inflammation. She had forehead and post-auricular skin discoloration. She was diagnosed with Parry Romberg syndrome and en coup de sabre scleroderma. This rare complication of scleroderma can result in cosmetic disfigurement and functional impairments with speech and eating if the diagnosis is delayed.
Parry Romberg syndrome and en coup de sabre scleroderma


Grand Prize - Santhanam Lakshminarayanan, MD, Farmington, CT
Cutaneous Manifestations of Dermatomyositis
A 32-year-old African American woman with classic cutaneous manifestations of Dermatomyositis - Heliotrope rash, periorbital edema with complete closure of the eyes, erythema nodosum on the lower extremity overlying the tibia, hyperkeratosis of hands (Mechanic's hands), post-inflammatory hypopigmentation on the MCP joints, PIP joints and DIP joints, Gottron's sign over PIP joints and elbow, periungal infarcts and hyperkeratosis of feet (Hiker's feet).
Figure 1


Grand Prize - Aleksandra Bukiej, MD, Chicago, IL
Cutaneus Blastomycosis
A 32-year old woman presented with a new skin lesion on her face. Four months previously, the patient was diagnosed with Behcet disease based on pulmonary embolism, inflammatory arthritis, oral ulcers, and a positive pathergy test. She was treated with adalimumab, with full resolution of the arthritis and aphthous ulcers, however, one month after beginning therapy, she noticed skin lesion on her left cheek (Figure 1). The lesion was scraped for fungal culture, which was positive for Blastomyces dermatidis and was confirmed by DNA probes. The patient was treated with itraconazole and had improvement by 4-months follow up (Figure 2).
Figure 1    Figure 2


Grand Prize - Tara McGrath, MD, British Columbia, Canada
Not Just a Disease of Ancient 'C-farers': A Case of Scurvy Presenting as Knee Pain and Refusal to Walk in a Developmentally Normal Toddler


Grand Prize - Manjinder Kaur, DO, Tucson, AZ
Thoracic Immunoglobulin G4 (IgG4)-Aortitis: Chest
ACR Image competition winner 2018 Thoracic Immunoglobulin G4 (IgG4)-Aortitis: Chest


Grand Prize - Koji Takasugi, MD, Nagoya, Japan
Polyarteritis Nodosum (PAN), Coronary and Other Aneurysms
Polyarteritis Nodosum (PAN), Coronary and Other Aneurysms

Still Image - Nibha Jain, MD, Ahmedbad, India
Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy: Pachydermia (“Bull-Dog” Appearance)
Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy: Pachydermia

Case Study - Laura Tasan, MD, Pittsburgh, PA
Rosai-Dorfman Disease: Nodal and Extranodal Disease
Rosai-Dorfman Disease: Nodal and Extranodal Disease


Grand Prize - Giorgio Treglia, MD, Bellinzona, Switzerland
3-Dimensional Volume Rendering 18-Fludeoxyglucose-Positron Emission Tomography in Large Vessel Vasculitis
2015 Grand Prize Winner Treglia Large Vessel Vasculitis

Still Image - Ernest Brahn, MD, Los Angeles, CA
Environmental Electron Microscopic Image of Articular Cartilage
2015 Still Category Winner Brahn-Articular-Cartilage

Case Study - Cuoghi Edens, MD, Cleveland, OH
Palmoplantar Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis in a Toddler Before and After Treatment with Infliximab
2015 Case Study Winner Edens Psoriatic Arthritis


Grand Prize - Olga Goodman, Houston, TX
Spinal Cord Compression from Tophaceus Gout
2014 Grand Prize Winner


Still Image - Karim Masri, MD, Baltimore, MD
IgA Nephropathy: Mesenteric Vasculitis
2014 Still Category Winner

Case Study - Matthew Koster, MD, Rochester, MN
Atypical Swollen Hand: Mycobacterium Arupense Infection
2014 Case Study Winner