Education Partners

Education Partners

ACR Convergence, the American College of Rheumatology’s annual meeting, is the premier meeting for rheumatology professionals worldwide. The 2021 meeting will be held November 3 - 10. Over several days, including premeeting courses and extended programming, hundreds of hours of educational content dedicated to advances across rheumatology research and clinical applications is delivered. Rheumatology professionals report the meeting is inspirational and energizing; however, they also report it is a challenge to absorb all the key content. To address this challenge, the ACR seeks quality education partners to help share and reinforce ACR Convergence 2021 content year-round.

The ACR is the leading authority and trusted partner of rheumatology professionals. By providing comprehensive education to improve the knowledge, competence and performance of those who treat/care for patients with/at risk for musculoskeletal diseases as well as systemic autoimmune disorders – the ACR empowers rheumatology professionals to excel in their specialty. We look forward to collaborating with you to improve patient outcomes through education.

About the Education Partner Program

The Education Partner Program encourages the development of activities to disseminate content from ACR Convergence 2021 to healthcare providers who treat patients with rheumatic diseases, including rheumatologists, dermatologists, primary care practitioners, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

Educational activities that provide content to patients with rheumatic diseases will also be considered. Patient information activities/materials must be free from influence or the appearance of the influence from commercial entities.

Program Success

In 2019 ACR piloted the Education Partner Program and partnered with Infomedica to bring attendees highlights from top-rated sessions at the annual meeting. This highly successful educational program was translated into eight languages: reaching a worldwide audience of over 15,000 in over 85 countries. This program continues to be successful as demonstrated by nine approved ACR Convergence 2020 activities. These activities extended the global reach of ACR Convergence 2020 content, cultivating exciting new partners and international audiences in China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.

View 2020 Education Partner Activities

Applicant Eligibility Criteria

Organizations, companies or individuals with a mission related to healthcare professionals, medical education and/or healthcare improvement are eligible apply.

Applicants must submit an application outlining how they will develop an educational activity, such as conference highlights, disease state, specific audience, deeper dives or faculty follow ups based on the content from ACR Convergence 2021. These activities can either be Continuing Medical Education (CME) or non-CME. If the proposed activity will offer accredited continuing education credit, the applying organization must be an accredited provider. The accredited activity may be supported by a non-accredited commercial entity. The ACR does not accredit Education Partner Program activities.

View Education Partner Program Guidelines and Fees

Education Partner Program Submission

Education Partner Program submission is closed. If you have questions, contact

ACR Convergence 2020 Education Partner Activities

Emirates Rheumatology Academy
Best of ACR Convergence 2020
Language: English

Forefront Collaborative
PsA + COVID-19: Connecting Science and Treatment During a Pandemic
Language: English

ACR20 Highlights
Language: English

MEDTalks Group (Switzerland)
ACR20 Highlights
Available outside the United States

Practice Point Communications / Rush University
Clinical Clips: Independent Coverage from ACR Convergence 2020
Language: English

Wiley Information and Technology (Shanghai)
ACR Convergence 2020 Highlight in China
Language: Chinese

Other Activities:

  • Best of ACR Convergence 2020 in Saudia Arabia by Encore Medical Education - coming soon
  • ACR Convergence 2020 Highlight Report by Bristol-Myers Squibb K.K. and ONO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. (Japan) - only available from partner

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