ACR Convergence 2020, the world’s premier virtual rheumatology experience, is happening online, November 5–9. Now, more than ever, the rheumatology community needs to maintain connection. ACR Convergence 2020 provides an opportunity to do just that. This fully virtual meeting is where rheumatology can collaborate, celebrate, innovate, and learn!

The Online Program has hundreds of sessions to educate professionals in every segment of rheumatology. Clinicians, researchers, academicians, practice managers, pediatric rheumatologists, fellows in training, advance practice nurses, physician assistants, physical or occupational therapists: Whatever your role, ACR Convergence is the place to expand your knowledge and skills and pique your curiosity.

What's New for the Virtual Meeting

  • The meeting starts on November 5, with the reformatted opening session followed by the Year in Review.
  • To accommodate different time zones, we have divided the daily educational sessions over two succinct time blocks (10:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET and 3:00 - 6:00 PM ET). Each time block will include oral abstracts and invited speaker presentations, and is designed to provide most participants the opportunity to watch content live, participate in question and answer segments, and the opportunity to interact with peers during waking hours in at least one time block.
  • The traditional premeeting courses have been reimagined and will start on November 10.

Knowledge Bowl

Knowledge Bowl is an interactive session modeled after the game show, Jeopardy! Teams are composed of fellows and faculty members who compete by answering questions related to the field of rheumatology.

Thieves Market

Thieves Market is an interactive session where fascinating clinical cases relevant to rheumatology are presented in short presentations. Session participants will have the opportunity to compare their diagnostic and management strategies to those of other rheumatologists in this interactive session.

Image Competition

The Image Competition showcases the finest images in rheumatology at ACR Convergence and offers an opportunity to contribute to one of the most distinguished online medical image collections, the ACR Rheumatology Image Library. Images are characteristic or unusual manifestations of rheumatic disease that serve as an invaluable educational tool for rheumatology professionals.

Patient Perspectives

Through the Patient Perspectives Program, patients affected by rheumatic disease, along with a sponsoring organization such as a nonprofit patient group, are invited to present their stories to thousands of rheumatology healthcare providers at ACR Convergence.

Education Partners

The Education Partners Program brings highlights from top-rated sessions from the annual meeting. Applicants must propose to develop an education activity based on content from ACR Convergence. The ACR seeks quality education partners to help share and reinforce ACR Convergence content year-round.

ACR Convergence 2020 Planning Committee

Under the leadership of Dr. Victoria K. Shanmugam, AMPC Chair, the Annual Meeting Planning Committee developed a comprehensive program designed to improve the knowledge, competence, and performance of rheumatology professionals. The content of the annual meeting was derived from needs assessment and practice gap analysis, based on professional activities, practice setting, core competencies, and ABIM recertification requirements.

ACR Convergence 2020 Planning Committee Disclosures

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