Program Highlights

The Annual Meeting will feature sessions with groundbreaking science that will challenge your understanding of clinical trends to help you optimize patient care. Increase your knowledge of the latest developments in rheumatic disease diagnosis and management, discover how to use the hottest technology in your work, and see how to apply new research data to improve your quality of care.

ACR will host over one hundred scientific sessions – see a sampling below.

Basic Science

What’s New in the Genomics of AAV?
Learn about the latest genomic findings based on a large study of patients with vasculitis-associated eosinophilia, and what they may mean for future AAV diagnosis and treatment

Missing Microbes: Lost From Our Clinics
Discover new technologies as they begin to reveal important aspects of host-microbe interactions; discuss known pathways under investigation in which components of the microbiome may affect host metabolism, and immune set points and defenses 

Autoimmune Pathogenesis and the Lung
Learn new data on the immune response of the lung in rheumatic disease, how it is affected by immune exposures that serve as triggers involved in autoimmune etiopathogenesis, as well as the clinical features of pulmonary parenchymal complications of autoimmune and inflammatory rheumatic diseases

Unraveling the Epigenomic Landscape in OA
Explore gene expression and transfer in the affected joints of a person with OA, a highly prevalent disease where there are no effective forms of therapy

Bones of Contention: Controversies in Rheumatic Diseases and Bone
Review the activation of the immune system and its impact on bone in rheumatic disease; explore the role of biologic agents used to treat patients with rheumatic diseases and subsequent alterations to bone

Business / Administration

Integrating Pharmacists Into the Workforce
Learn how to build an interprofessional team that includes a pharmacist in the ambulatory care setting to improve patient care and outcomes

Optimize the EHR to Maximize Productivity in the Rheumatology Clinic (Workshop)
Learn tips from experts on how to train staff to gain the necessary technical knowledge to use the EHR effectively, and find out how your practice can select the right EHR even if you lack significant resources

Mindfulness for the Physician: Techniques and Skills (Workshop)
This interactive session will introduce participants to the foundations of mindfulness practice. Learn the basic constructs of mindfulness, research findings supporting mindfulness meditation for health and well-being, and practice several mindfulness meditation exercises. Methods and resources to apply mindfulness to daily life will also be presented and discussed

Clinical and Translational Research / Clinical Practice

The Great Debate: Guidelines for SLE: HCQ Dose Should Be No More Than 5 mg/kg in All Patients
Join the debate to weigh opposing viewpoints on HCQ dosing, monitoring for toxicity, and concerns about adverse effects that affect a wide variety of patients managed by rheumatologists

Hot Topics in Myositis
Three topics will be presented on issues related to inflammatory myositis, including an update in inflammatory myositis classification and diagnostic tools, myositis occurring in conjunction with other connective tissue diseases, and a timely update in inclusion body myositis

Anatomy in a Day
A three-part series on anatomy and rheumatology designed for rheumatologists and rheumatology health professionals

Biologic Classification of JIA
The recent ACR update and expansion of the Recommendations for the Treatment of JIA will be presented in this session, along with novel concepts in classification

Celiac Disease and Its Relationship with Autoimmune Diseases
The diagnosis of subclinical or clinical celiac disease is of potential importance to rheumatologists for several reasons: the danger of developing malignancy, the presence of unsuspected nutritional deficiencies and the occurrence of autoimmune disorders

Immunizations and Infections Potpourri

Get a broad overview and potpourri of clinical pearls related to immunizations and infections. Learn about new immunization guidelines and data on the new herpes zoster immunization, in addition to other timely infectious disease updates

Health Professionals

NEW - ACR/ARHP Immunology Breakthroughs: Impact on Diagnosis and Therapy
Designed in a case study format, this new pre-meeting course will provide a more in-depth look at immunology for both rheumatologists and rheumatology health professionals

Immunology Boot Camp
This three-part series will focus on innate versus adaptive immunity, autoimmunity, and how to apply principles of immunology to make strong clinical decisions

NEW - Radiology Boot Camp
Review basic radiology concepts and applications for the rheumatology healthcare provider

ARHP Distinguished Lecturer: Living Well with Scleroderma: Evidence-Based Discussion
This session provides a brief overview of how scleroderma affects participation in daily life activities, and summarizes the evidence for non-pharmacological management of scleroderma, including psychological, educational and rehabilitation interventions

Get Smart: Mobile and Wearable Technology in Rheumatology
Technology advancements can transform health care delivery; this session will focus on the use of wearable technologies in clinical care settings, research and rehabilitation specific to rheumatology; learn about the latest in wearable technology and other digital health advances

New – ARHP Graphic Recording


Stop by the Central Concourse at McCormick Place any time on October 21 to see graphic artist, Alece Birnbach illustrate key highlights and themes from several ARHP sessions (3S025, 3S047, 3S094, 3S117) in real time using pictures and words to transcribe ideas. The final graphic will be available for all #ACR18 attendees to enjoy beginning on October 22.