Abstract Submission

The American College of Rheumatology and Association of Rheumatology Professionals invite you to submit an abstract to ACR Convergence and take advantage of the opportunity to have your work peer reviewed by experts in the field.

Abstract Submission Is Open

Abstract submission is now open. Submission deadline is extended to June 16, noon ET.

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Abstract Submission Eligibility

Who Is Eligible to Submit an Abstract
Members and non-members of the ACR and ARP are eligible to submit an abstract.

Types of Abstracts that are Eligible for Submission

  • Abstracts that describe original basic and clinical science related to the broad area of rheumatic diseases may be submitted.
  • Abstracts that have been previously presented at another conference (“encore abstracts”) are eligible, as long as they have not been published as a manuscript.
  • Any work with human or animal subjects reported in submitted abstracts must comply with the guiding principles for experimental procedures in the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki.

Types of Abstracts that are Not Eligible for Submission

  • Abstracts that report work that has been accepted for publication as a manuscript (e.g., full-length article, brief report, case report, concise communication or letter to the editor, etc.) prior to the ACR/ARP submission deadline of June 16, 2020 are ineligible for consideration.
  • Abstracts should not report results that have been previously presented at an ACR annual meeting.
  • Multiple abstracts may not be submitted for one study unless substantially different research questions are being addressed in each abstract.
  • Abstracts submitted for the ARP program may not be concurrently submitted to the ACR program.
  • Case reports are not considered appropriate and will not be reviewed.
  • Abstracts not accepted by the main abstract review deadline should not be re-submitted to the late-breaking category.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Download the Call for Abstracts Guidelines for Submission

ACR Abstracts
The ACR seeks abstracts on the following topics:

  • Clinical practice of rheumatology
  • Teaching of rheumatology
  • Basic and translational science that contributes to the understanding of disease pathogenesis
  • Mechanisms and efficacy of therapeutics
  • Delivery of healthcare to patients with musculoskeletal and rheumatic disease

ARP Abstracts
The ARP program is planned to reflect the needs of healthcare professionals who share an interest in rheumatology-related issues by providing a forum to address topics of professional significance with a multidisciplinary audience.

Basic Research and Clinical Research Conference Abstracts
Investigators with less than six years experience are eligible to submit an abstract to the Basic Research Conference (BRC) or Clinical Research Conference (CRC). Young investigators will be required to check a box during the submission process to indicate if they want to have their abstract considered for inclusion in either conference.

Abstract Submission Timeline

Abstract submission: April 7 - June 16
Author notification - early September

Late-breaking abstract submission: September 1 - September 29
Author notification - mid October

Abstract Withdrawal

After the abstract submission period closes  presenting authors may submit a request to have an abstract withdrawn.

Withdrawal requests must be submitted by the presenting author by email to withdrawn@rheumatology.org and include the following:

  • Abstract ID number
  • Abstract title
  • Presenting author’s name

Removal of a withdrawn abstract from the online supplement of Arthritis & Rheumatology cannot be guaranteed if the request is received after (coming soon).

Withdrawal or rejection of an abstract will not result in the refund of a submission fee. All submission fees are non-refundable.