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Fellow Advocates,

The ACR is actively engaging the 114th Congress on critical issues that recognize the value of rheumatology in care coordination and treating and diagnosing patients with complex conditions. RheumPAC is the vehicle that allows the ACR to ensure that key decision makers understand the unique issues facing rheumatology professionals and patients.

RheumPAC, the ACR's non-partisan political action committee, provides opportunities for the College to educate Congress on the importance - and especially the value - of rheumatology. RheumPAC facilitates ACR representatives to attend one-on-one meetings and small events and establish valuable relationships with lawmakers. When a policy issue arises that impacts the members of the College, these valued relationships allow for the ACR to educate lawmakers and their staff on the impact of that policy on providers of care and patients suffering from rheumatic diseases. This election year it is especially important that our voice is heard.

- Harry Gewanter, MD, RheumPAC Chair

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See RheumPAC's supported House and Senate candidates for the 2016 election.

To recommend a candidate or you if have questions about RheumPAC, please contact our Senior Manager of Federal Affairs, Lennie Shewmaker, JD at lshewmaker@rheumatology.org or 404-633-3777.