ACR & Coalition Letters to Federal Policymakers

Rheumatology advocacy involves several branches of government and various agencies. ACR advocates to Congress, federal agencies, and others by writing or signing on to various policy letters.

2019 Federal Advocacy Letters

ACR Comments on Electronic Prior Authorization Part D Proposed Rule - 8/16/19

ACR Comments on Senate Finance Drug Pricing Proposals - 7/24/19

ACR Support for H.R. 2373 Prescription Pricing for the People Act - 7/9/19

ACR Feedback on Draft Medicare Part D Legislation - 6/6/19

Coalition Letter on Needed MACRA improvements - 6/3/19

ACR Comments to FDA on Nonproprietary Naming of Biological Products - 5/7/19

ACR Comments on Safe Harbor Rebate Rule - 4/8/19

Coalition Letter on Step Therapy - 4/8/19

ACR Comments on Pain Management Best Practices - 4/1/19

ACR Comments on Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2020 Proposed Rule - 2/19/19

ACR Comments on Part D Medicare Advantage Proposed Rule - 1/22/19

ACR Comments on Healthy People 2030 Objectives - 1/17/19

2018 Federal Advocacy Letters

ACR Comments on 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule - 12/31/18

ACR Comments on Medicare Part B Drugs International Pricing Index Model - 12/27/18

Coalition Letter on Medicare Advantage Step Therapy - 10/1/18

ACR Response to CMS on Competitive Acquisition Program Request for Information - 9/24/18

ACR Letter to CMS on 2019 Physician Fee Schedule and Quality Payment Program - 9/6/18

ACR Comments in FDA Public Meeting on Biosimilars - 9/5/18

Stakeholder Letter to CMS on E/M Proposals in 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule - 8/28/18

ACR Letter to HHS on Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices and Reduce Out of Pocket Costs - 7/13/18

Coalition Letter to CMS on Shortening the 2018 MIPS Reporting Period - 4/27/18

ACR Letter to CMS on Short-Term Limited Duration Insurance - 4/23/18

Coalition Letter to CMS on Short-Term Limited Duration Insurance - 4/23/18

Coalition Letter to CMS on Prior Authorization under Medicare Advantage and the Patients Over Paperwork Initiative - 4/4/18

Physician Group Letter to HHS on Drug Pricing Proposals - 3/14/18

ACR Comments to CMS on Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments - 3/12/18

ACR Comments to Department of Labor on Association Health Plan Proposed Rule - 3/5/18

ACR Response to HHS Request for Information on Promoting Healthcare Choice and Competition - 1/25/18

ACR Letter to FDA: Clarification of Orphan Designation of Drugs and Biologics for Pediatric Subpopulations of Common Diseases - 1/19/18

Coalition Letter to House on MIPS Adjustment to Part B Drugs - 1/18/18

Coalition Letter to Senate on MIPS Adjustment to Part B Drugs - 1/18/18

ACR Letter to CMS on Medicare Advantage Proposed Rule - 1/16/18

2017 Federal Advocacy Letters

ACR Letter to Tax Legislation Conference Committee - 12/7/17

ACR Comments to FDA on Review of Existing Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research Regulatory and Information Collection Requirement - 12/7/17

Coalition Letter to Lawmakers - Preserve Patient Access to Critical Part B Therapies - 11/28/17

ACR Comments to HHS on 2019 Notice of Benefit Payment Parameters Proposed Rule - 11/27/17

ACR Comments to CMS on Innovation Center Request for Information - 11/20/17

ACR Comments to HHS on 2018 - 2022 Strategic Plan - 9/19/17

ACR Comments to CMS on Physician Fee Schedule 2018 Proposed Rule - 9/11/17

ACR Comments to CMS on Quality Payment Program Proposed Rule - 8/18/17

Coalition Letter on Local Coverage Determination Legislation (S. 794) - 7/11/17

ACR Comments to FDA Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee - 7/10/17

ACR Response to CMS RFI on Regulatory Relief - 6/13/17

ACR Comments to FDA on Biosimilar Interchangeability Guidance - 5/19/17

ACR Letter on Notice of Information Collection Under OMB Emergency Review: Supplemental Questions for Visa Applicants - 5/18/17

Coalition Letter to Secretary Price on CMMI Reform Principles - 5/16/17

ACR Letter on American Health Care Act - 5/8/17

ACR Comments on McArthur Amendment to AHCA - 4/28/17

ACR Comments on CMS Proposals for Patient Condition Groups and Care Episode Groups - 4/24/17

ACR Letter on H1-B Visas and Physician Workforce - 4/17/17

ACR OP-ED on Workforce Challenges - 4/13/17

Coalition Letter on DXA - 3/24/17

ACR Statement on Congressional Efforts to Lower Specialty Drug Costs - 3/22/17

Coalition Letter to CMS on Physician Payment Programs - 3/21/2017

Coalition Letter on DoD Arthritis Research - 3/17/17

Coalition Letter on Cost Sharing - 3/7/17

ACR Letter to Congress on Healthcare Reform - 2/23/17

ACR Comments on ICER - 2/17/17

Coalition Letter on International Collaboration in Medicine - 2/8/17

Coalition Letter on FY17 NIH Funding - 2/7/17

Coalition Letter on IPAB Repeal - 1/24/17

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