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The ACR is your source for advocacy news impacting your practice, patients, and the rheumatology subspecialty. In addition to staying on top of ever changing policies and political landscapes for our members, we are often invited to give statements, provide comments, or work with lawmakers to promote new policies.

ACR and Anti-Abortion Legislation

The American College of Rheumatology recognizes the concerns of our members about the recently enacted abortion laws in a number of states, including Georgia. The ACR greatly respects the opinions and deeply held convictions of all of our members and also recognizes the potential polarizing effect of this legislation among our members and our patients. The ACR opposes any action which interferes with the practice of evidence-based medicine or intrudes upon the doctor-patient relationship. Pregnancy often complicates the management of women with rheumatic diseases and may threaten the life of the mother. Rheumatologists and other rheumatology professionals must be able to provide the best evidence-based care and guidance for all of their patients.

The ACR recently updated the Access to Care Policy Statement addressing patient access to care.

Advocacy Accomplishments

See a summary of ACR's advocacy efforts in the 2019 Advocacy Year in Review.

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View the latest rheumatology news, including press releases and public statements about current advocacy issues affecting ACR and ARP membership in the Newsroom.

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