Access 2020

What is Access 2020?

Access 2020 is an advocacy campaign to increase the ACR and ARP's access to decision-makers and the rulemaking process in the 116th Congress through RheumPAC.

Our goal is to raise $300,000 and have 900 members participating in RheumPAC by the end of 2020. To stay on track, RheumPAC needs to raise $150,000 from 450 participants in 2019.



So far in the 116th Congress, the College is excited to work with lawmakers to:

  • Increase reimbursements to our members through the Physician Fee Schedule after a long plateau
  • Codify exceptions to step therapy
  • Streamline the prior authorization process
  • Restore adequate reimbursement to private practices for Medicare-required osteoporosis testing
  • Address the workforce shortage
  • Broaden access to funding for biomedical research on rheumatic diseases

Why is it important?

Rheumatologists face so many threats to our profession and patient access from policy. Your contributions help us help fight a growing workforce shortage, cuts to special services, the impact of step therapy, administrative burdens like prior authorizations, and protect access to infusion drugs.

How can you help?

Contribute today! This is a fight that requires resources. Take a moment and decide what this access means to you and lend your support through RheumPAC. Every dollar is a voice for access to care.

Individual Contributions
Visit our RheumPAC donation portal, login or create an account, select a contribution type (credit card or check) and follow the prompts.

Donate to RheumPAC

Group Contributions
Groups include practices, state/local societies, and hospitals.
Mail corporate checks to:
RheumPAC Advocacy Fund
2200 Lake Boulevard NE
Atlanta, GA 30319

Contributions to RheumPAC are used for political purposes. Contributions to RheumPAC are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. All contributions to RheumPAC are voluntary and must be made with personal funds. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal. Any proposed contribution amounts are merely suggestions; you may choose to contribute more or less or not at all. RheumPAC will not favor or disadvantage anyone by reason of the amount contributed or the decision not to contribute. Federal law prohibits contributions from corporations. RheumPAC participants must be United States citizens or permanent resident aliens.

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