Policies and Guidelines

These documents outline and detail the American College of Rheumatology policies and guidelines to which it adheres.

Investigator Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

This American College of Rheumatology Investigator Financial Conflict of Interest Policy (the “FCOI Policy”) is implemented to fulfill ACR’s responsibilities under the FCOI Regulations to maintain an up-to-date, written, enforced policy and process on investigator financial conflicts of interest.

FCOI Policy

Guiding Principles

The primary purpose of these principles is to support the mission of the American College of Rheumatology, which is to empower rheumatology professionals to excel in their specialty. The following principles were developed to ensure this reputation is maintained by safeguarding the independence of the College’s activities, policies, statements, and advocacy positions.

ACR Guiding Principles for Interactions with External Entities

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The American College of Rheumatology fully recognizes the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion within the rheumatology workforce. The ACR is committed to identifying barriers to enhancing diversity and offering policy recommendations to overcome these barriers in the future.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Expert Witness Policies and Guidelines

The interests of the public and the medical profession are best served when scientifically sound and unbiased expert witness testimony is readily available to plaintiffs and defendants in medical malpractice litigation. As members of the physician community and as patient advocates, rheumatologists may be asked to testify as expert witnesses in matters concerning potential medical malpractice. It is in the public interest that medical expert testimony be readily available, objective, and unbiased.

ACR Policy and Guidelines for Expert Witness Testimony in Medical Malpractice Litigation

ARP Policy and Guidelines for Expert Witness Testimony in Malpractice Litigation

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