Disclosures and Meeting Summaries

The governing body of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) shall be the Board of Directors. The Board shall supervise, control and direct the business and affairs of the ACR, its Committees, and its publications; shall actively promote its purposes; and shall supervise the disbursement of its funds.

Board of Directors Disclosures

In order for the College to most effectively further its mission and to otherwise maintain its excellent reputation in the medical community and with the public, it is important that confidence in the College’s integrity be maintained. The cornerstone of the ACR’s Disclosure Policy is disclosure of actual and potential conflicts so that they can be evaluated by the College in order to avoid undue influence of potential conflicts.

The purpose of the ACR’s Disclosure Policy is to identify relationships which may pose actual or potential conflicts. These actual or potential conflicts can then be evaluated by the College so that adjustments can be made which will avoid any undue influence. This policy is based on the principle that, in many cases, full disclosure of the actual or potentially conflicting relationship will of itself suffice to protect the integrity of the College and its interests.

See the ACR board of directors disclosures

Board Meeting Summaries

The American College of Rheumatology board of directors meets on a quarterly basis each year. The documents below provide a summary of topics discussed and decisions made at those meetings.


May 2019 Meeting Summary
February 2019 Meeting Summary


October 2018 Meeting Summary
August 2018 Meeting Summary
May 2018 Meeting Summary
February 2018 Meeting Summary


November 2017 Meeting Summary
August 2017 Meeting Summary
May 2017 Meeting Summary
February 2017 Meeting Summary

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