ACR’s member volunteers are the College's greatest asset. ACR relies upon them to accomplish its mission and support its core values. Member volunteers govern the organization, are the driving force behind the development of educational programming, publications and guidelines, and shape ACR positions on both state and federal legislation. Visit the Rheumatology Research Foundation for information on Foundation leadership.

Meet the ACR Board of Directors

Kenneth Saag, MD, MSc

Kenneth Saag, MD, MScACR President

Douglas White, MD, PhD

Douglas White, MD, PhDACR President-Elect

View full ACR Board of Directors

Meet the ARP Executive Committee

Barbara A. Slusher, PA-C, MSW

Barbara A. Slusher, PA-C, MSWARP President

Kori Dewing, ARNP, DNP

Kori Dewing, ARNP, DNPARP President-Elect

View full ARP Executive Committee

Committees and Councils

See committee descriptions and rosters. Learn more about standing committee eligibility.

Conflict of Interest for Key College Leaders Guidelines

The ACR Conflict of Interest Guidelines lists what Key College Leaders (ACR President, ACR President-Elect, Rheumatology Research Foundation President, ARP President, and ARP President-Elect) are not allowed to participate in.

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