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Churg-Strauss Syndrome

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1990 Criteria for the Classification of Churg-Strauss Syndrome (Traditional Format), Their Sensitivity And Specificity Versus Other Defined Vasculitis Syndromes


Eosinophilia >10%

Neuropathy, mono or poly

Pulmonary infiltrates, non-fixed

Paranasal sinus abnormality

Extravascular eosinophils

* For classification purposes, a patient shall be said to have Churg-Strauss syndrome (CSS) if at least 4 of these 6 criteria are positive. The presence of any 4 or more of the 6 criteria yields a sensitivity of 85% and a specificity of 99.7%. (See Table 3 for criteria definitions.)

Masi AT, Hunder GG, Lie JT, Michel BA, Bloch DA, Arend WP, et al. The American College of Rheumatology 1990 criteria for the classification of Churg-Strauss syndrome (allergic granulomatosis and angiitis). Arthritis Rheum 1990;33:1094---100.