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ARHP Membership Application Information

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How to Join the ARHP

  1. Learn about member benefits, ARHP member categories, and member dues.
  2. Print out an application form.
  3. Fill in your information in the appropriate boxes.
  4. Mail your application and payment to:

    American College of Rheumatology
    P.O. Box 102295
    Atlanta, GA 30368-9990
    Do not send Federal Express, UPS or special delivery mail to this post office box number. It will not be accepted.
    - OR -
    Fax to: (404) 633-1870.

Once the ARHP has received your application, it will be reviewed. The membership staff will contact you if any information is missing or unclear. When the application is approved, the applicant is considered a “member-elect” of the ARHP and member benefits will begin.

Health Professionals and International Health Professionals must be elected to membership by the ACR board of directors.

Membership for Associates and Student members will be considered by the ARHP executive committee.