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Pediatric Visiting Professorship

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Approximately one-third of all U.S. medical schools schools and pediatric residency programs do not employ pediatric rheumatologists at their institutions.  Of the 199 American College of Graduate Medical Education certified pediatric residency programs in the U.S., only 34 (17%) have a pediatric rheumatology training program. As a result, many medical students, as well as pediatric and internal medicine residents, have no access to structured clinical teaching about one of the most common families of childhood chronic disease.

Nearly 300,000 American children have a rheumatic disease. Unfortunately, with only about 300 board-certified pediatric rheumatologists, many children must receive care from other specialists, such as pediatricians and adult rheumatologists. The Rheumatology Research Foundation is working to prepare more doctors to treat these young patients through the Pediatric Visiting Professorship. This program provides valuable exposure to pediatric rheumatology for medical students and residents by connecting a board-certified professor of pediatric rheumatology with an academic institution where no established pediatric rheumatology expertise exists.

The Rheumatology Research Foundation partnered with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to further refine the award and provide a balanced selection process. With the AAP's help in the peer review and selection process, the Rheumatology Research Foundation works to promote the award among pediatric residency programs throughout the U.S. For more information about the AAP’s involvement please contact Laura Laskosz.

Watch this webinar for an overview of the program:



 About the Participants

  Institutions Visiting Professors


Will be an ACGME-accredited pediatric residency program or be affiliated with a medical school where no established pediatric rheumatology expertise exists.

Will be ACR members, board certified in pediatric rheumatology with six or more years of teaching experience in pediatric rheumatology.

Application Required    



(If you have participated in the program before, you do NOT need to apply again)


Institutions will not receive any funding. However, the institution is not responsible for any costs associated with the visit. Visiting professors will receive an honorarium and reimbursement for travel expenses.
Additional Information     View examples of how institutions can customize the visiting professorship to best suit their programs. Please download and read the entire Request for Applications (RFA).

If your institution does not have an established pediatric rheumatology expertise and you would like to participate in the program, please contact the Foundation's Awards and Grants Coordinator at  or by phone at (404) 633-3777.




Online Application

Check back May 1, 2015 to access the online application!


Application Deadline

All applications must be submitted by 5:00 PM ET on the deadline day.

Upcoming Deadline

 August 3, 2015


Instructions for All Awards

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Awards and Grants Policies

In addition to the guidlines stated in the RFA, all applicants and award recipients must abide by Rheumatology Research Foundation Awards and Grants Policy at all times.


Funding Source

Funding for this award is made possible through an endowment provided by Amgen, Inc.


For more information about this award, please contact the Foundation's Awards and Grants Coordinator at or (404) 633-3777.


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