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Disease Targeted Research Grants

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Through its disease targeted research program, the Rheumatology Research Foundation is committed to funding innovative research that will impact patient care. Outcomes from these grants will lead to new insights into the etiology, pathogenesis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and related autoinflammatory diseases. Investigators will have the opportunity to explore extremely novel ideas within a high-risk, high-reward funding model.




Disease Targeted Research Pilot Grant  

These smaller, pilot grants provide seed funds to scientists with novel ideas. This allows investigators to gather preliminary data to determine whether a greater investment is needed in their research idea or if they should change direction in order to maximize outcomes. Investigators studying a wide array of arthritis and related inflammatory diseases will have the opportunity to explore extremely novel ideas within a low-risk, high-reward funding model.


Disease Targeted Innovative Research Grant

These projects are designed to be carried out primarily by a single investigator/institution and must be completed within the two-year period. Projects may include biomarker development/ validation using patient-derived material, studies to understand pathophysiology using patient-derived material, and studies to improve diagnosis, prognosis or treatment using human subjects or patient-derived materials. The principal investigator is required to devote a minimum of 20 percent full-time professional research effort to the project.



2012-2013 Investigators

2013-2014 Investigators



The deadline for submission has passed. Check back on August 1, 2014 for the new RFA!


If you have any questions, please contact Eryn Marchiolo at  or by phone at 404-633-3777 ext. 106.