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Fundamentals of Rheumatology Course Online

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The Fundamentals of Rheumatology Course is intended for those looking for an introduction to rheumatic diseases, rheumatologic care, and the business of rheumatology.

Target audience include:

  • Registered nurses
  • Licensed practical nurses
  • Medical assistants
  • Practice managers
  • Other clinicians

Key rheumatology topics designed to improve your knowledge base:

  1. Overview of rheumatic disease
  2. Assessment and management of the adult with rheumatic disease
  3. Assessment and management of the child with rheumatic disease
  4. Nursing management of the infusion patient
  5. Insurance pre-authorization

Purchase modules individually or as a set.

Complete modules within 12 months with a score of 70% or greater to receive contact hours.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course the participant should be able to:

  1. Assess, manage, and evaluate patients with rheumatic diseases.
  2. Describe the scope of practice of those transitioning or returning into rheumatology practice such as nurses, office nurses, licensed practical nurses (LPN), medical assistants (MA) and office managers or staff assistant in the management of patients with rheumatic diseases.
  3. Describe the impact of rheumatic diseases on individuals and society.

Needs Assessment

Due to the complexity and multi-system involvement of the rheumatologic diseases, nurses who are transitioning into rheumatology office practice are challenged to adapt their nursing skills and develop additional ones that are required for the multi-faceted care and management of this special patient population. Although numerous resources on the topic of rheumatology are available, many are not useful for the entry-level rheumatology nurse as the level of presentation may be either too complex (for researchers or rheumatologists) or too basic (patient education).

Currently, although appropriate educational materials are available, they are widely distributed and may require considerable time and effort to find and evaluate and then consume and implement. This course is intended to target the specific needs of rheumatology office nurses and other clinicians by providing one easy-to-access online source that offers an evidence-based, current, comprehensive overview of the rheumatologic disorders and rheumatology nursing practice.

Course Dates

Release date: October 2, 2014
Expiration date: October 2, 2016

This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the Georgia Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.