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Ed Herzig

The ACR must be prepared for and ready to engage in the 114th Congress. It is critical that the new Congress recognize the value of rheumatology in care coordination and in treating and diagnosing patients with complex conditions. So how does the ACR ensure that key decision makers understand the unique issues facing rheumatology professionals and patients? Through RheumPAC.

RheumPAC, the ACR's non-partisan political action committee, provides opportunities for the College to educate Congress on the importance - and especially the value - of rheumatology. ACR representatives use these one-on-one meetings and small events to explain how early access to a rheumatologist improves outcomes and provides a better quality of life for rheumatology patients.

The 114th Congress will address many issues that directly affect the rheumatology community and we must ensure that our voice is heard. Whether your contribution is large or small, join the RheumPAC team today."

- Ed Herzig, MD, RheumPAC Chair

2014 RheumPAC Report