Applications Invited - The Rheumatologist Physician Editor

Editor Term: 2018-2020

The American College of Rheumatology Communications & Marketing Committee announces the search for the position of Physician Editor, The Rheumatologist. The official term is January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2020; however, some of the duties of the new Editor will begin during a transition period starting October 1, 2017.


The RheumatologistThe Rheumatologist Fundamentals

Our Mission

The Rheumatologist (TR), a monthly newsmagazine, is an official publication of the American College of Rheumatology that provides rheumatologists and rheumatology health professionals with practical, evidence-based clinical reviews and analyses; rheumatology news; updates in academic rheumatology; and discussions of current research and legislative actions to help readers stay informed and equipped to offer the best rheumatology care possible. In addition, TR encourages reader involvement through topical editorials and letters to the editor, profiles of key personalities in the field, and articles written by physicians and health professionals.

Our Readers

TR is sent to members of the ACR and ARHP, as well as 1,600 rheumatologists who are members of the AMA and 1,500 internal medicine physicians with an interest in rheumatology.

Our Content

TR contains a mix of articles written by physicians and health professionals, experienced medical journalists, and ACR staff. The content is not peer reviewed in a traditional sense, although the physician editor and ACR staff do review all articles. In general, the physician editor is responsible for soliciting clinical review articles, editorials, and literature reviews, and the Wiley editor assigns the articles written by medical journalists. The “From the College” pages are provided by the ACR staff, and contain news and information related to ACR resources, programs, and initiatives. TR also offers online-only articles, supplementary materials, and audio files that are assigned by the Wiley editor.

About the Position

The physician editorship is a paid position (commensurate with the time spent) with a three-year term (2018–2020), with the option for a one-time renewal at the end of the term. Although the January 2018 issue will be the first published under the new editor, some responsibilities will be fulfilled within the prior three - four issues. 

The ACR Communications and Marketing Committee and the Publisher will select up to five candidates for interviews, all of whom must complete the ACR disclosure statement before final consideration. In addition to an interview, top candidates will also be asked to write a sample Rheuminations column.

Candidates must be a current U.S. member of the ACR.

The physician editor will also be able to select his or her associate editors–ideally, one ACR member and one ARHP member.


You are encouraged to contact the current Physician Editor, Simon Helfgott, MD, to discuss details; initial contact can be made via email to You can also reach out to Editor, Keri Losavio, via email at ACR staff are available for questions at

How to Apply

  1. Read the Physician Editor Responsibilities
  2. Fully review the Conflict of Interest Guidelines and consider any potential considerations
  3. Review the online application and prepare the required attachments (you can also download a pdf of the questions)
  4. Complete the online application by April 14, 2017