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Applications Invited for Editor of Arthritis & Rheumatology, 2015-2020

During the summer of 2014, the American College of Rheumatology Committee on Journal Publications will review applications for the position of Editor, Arthritis & Rheumatology, 2015–2020 term.

Feb--AR-cover-(use-page-2-for-Editor-application-materials)_Page_2Nonbinding Letter of Intent and Application Deadlines

The deadline for completion of the application is June 16, 2014. ACR members who are considering applying should submit a nonbinding letter of intent by April 15, 2014 to the Managing Editor, Jane Diamond, at

Term Dates

The official term of the next Arthritis & Rheumatology editorship is July 1, 2015–June 30, 2020; however, some of the duties of the new Editor will begin during a transition period starting April 1, 2015.

Editorial Board Model

Please note that throughout these instructions and other documents various terms and titles, such as Deputy Editor, Co-Editor, and Associate Editor, are used. These titles (and numbers of people serving in these functions) represent examples of how the Editorial Board is currently configured or has been configured in the past, but are not necessarily the only possible models. Candidates may, but are not required to, propose a model that is identical or similar to the one currently in use or one that has been used by A&R in the past.

Candidates are encouraged to contact the current Editor, Dr. Joan Bathon, to discuss this (as well as any other issues); initial contact should be made by e-mail (

Steps to Apply

1.     Prior to completing your application, please read the following documents, by clicking on the link for each:

2.     Download the application form, which is a Word document.

3.     Complete the application in Word.

4.     Create a PDF version of the completed application.

5.     Create a PDF version of your NIH biosketch followed by your full CV.

6.     Create a PDF version of the NIH biosketch followed by the full CVs of each of your potential Deputy and/or Co- and Associate Editors. Before each individual CV, include his or her NIH biosketch. Please insert a bookmark at the beginning of the pages for each separate individual.

7.     Create a PDF version of a letter from your institution indicating support for your application to this position.

The letter should clearly indicate the institution's enthusiasm for, and willingness to be supportive of, the Editorship, particularly regarding protected time and effort, space (would be needed only if the Editor chooses to have full-time staff on-site with the Editor), as well as use of office equipment such as copy machines, computers, phones, etc.

Note that there is potential for flexibility regarding the specific model of interaction between the Editor's institution and the ACR. However, the letter should state that the described institutional support is a commitment throughout the Editor's term.

8.     Create a PDF version of supplementary materials (if any).

9.     E-mail your application PDF and the PDFs of all of the supporting materials to:

For each e-mail, the subject line should include the name of the applicant and, as applicable, either the words "application form," "CVs," "institution support letter," or (if applicable) "other supplementary materials." The application form, CVs, and institution support letter should be sent in three separate e-mails, not combined into one.

For the e-mailed PDF of the CVs, all CVs must be combined onto ONE PDF document, coming from the Editor candidate – the ACR does not want separate PDF documents for the CVs of each of the Associate Editors, etc.

The PDF containing (bookmarked, and including NIH biosketch) CVs should be organized as follows:

·         The first CV in this document should be that of the Editor candidate.

·         This should be followed by the CVs of the Deputy, Co-, and/or Associate Editor candidates.

These should be in alphabetical order.

·         If the proposed Editorial Board model includes more than one tier (e.g., a Co-Editor tier and an Associate Editor tier), the CVs of the proposed Co-Editors should come first, in alphabetical order, followed by the CVs of the Associate Editors, in alphabetical order.