Why Update Your Résumé?

By Cynthia M. Piccolo
For MedHunters

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Having an up-to-date résumé is very important, but even more important than updating annually is to update it whenever something changes - whether you are looking for a job or not. There are many situations that call for updating your résumé, including:

  • Your role changes (e.g., promotion; department change)
  • Your duties change (e.g., through addition of new equipment; changes in patient population)
  • You earn another degree, certification, or qualification
  • You add a new publication, presentation, etc., to your list
  • You are given a work-related award
  • Your contact details change
  • You begin to feel dissatisfied with your work or some other circumstance and are considering quitting
  • You are considering changing careers
  • There are rumors of downsizing, unit closures, hospital mergers, or something else that could mean that your position will be eliminated or will be changed in a way that you do not want
  • You hear about a position of interest soon to be opening up
“The truth is, no one really knows when they will have to pull their résumé out and start shopping it around. Even for those of us who have a plan and follow it, changes happen (and sometimes they can happen without notice).”

Why update your résumé regularly?

A well-tailored résumé will help you stand out in a crowd of job applicants. Being prepared to share your résumé at any given time gives you a competitive advantage.

Now you have an idea of when you should update your résumé, but you may still wonder why it is important to do this so often. The truth is, no one really knows when they will have to pull their résumé out and start shopping it around. Even for those of us who have a plan and follow it, changes happen (and sometimes they can happen without notice). Having your résumé prepared and ready for submission at all times means you are ready to meet with hiring managers with little notice.

The following are some other great reasons for having this important document prepared and up-to-date at all times:

  • In the event that downsizing does happen, or the rumor about an interesting new position opening up is true, you can be ahead of the competition with your well-crafted, current résumé.
  • As time goes by, if you don't update your résumé regularly, you may forget things, such as the date on which your role changed, or your work focus changed. You never know when that type of detail is important (e.g., for positions that require a certain number of years of charge/supervisory experience, for employers that require detailed month/date information concerning all of your jobs, etc.).
  • In these days of job boards posting jobs from around the world, and expanded social networking, who knows when you will see your dream job or when someone will say, "I've just heard about the perfect job for you! Do you have a current résumé?" If you're interested, and you don't have a current résumé, you'll have to update your résumé quickly to submit it as soon as possible. And with speed comes a greater risk for inadvertent omissions and factual, grammatical, and typographical errors. More importantly, you risk creating a résumé that doesn't accurately show why your work experience, achievements, and education make you the perfect person for that perfect job.
  • If you don't do it regularly, you may forget to do it when you actually apply for a job. Yes, this really happens!

Updating your Résumé

Are you ready to update your résumé? Don't have a résumé to update? Want to start fresh? There is an abundance of resources at your local library, at colleges and universities, and on the Internet. And if none of these resources offer ideas that you feel will best sell your skills, you can always turn to the help of a professional résumé writing service that will help you determine your career objectives and highlight your education, experience, and skills - both hard and soft  - in a way that will give you a competitive edge.

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